Tracking PHSMs Data: Lessons Learned from the COVID19 Pandemic

March 3, 2021: Open to Public

Before the workshop, trackers interested in further collaboration will meet in the interim to flesh out solutions to address common problems and questions. Findings and work outcomes are written down in a concluding paper. At the second workshop, trackers will i) present the outcome and status of their cooperative endeavors and ii) discuss what organisational and technical challenges they face or are facing with regards to collaboration and cooperation iii) discuss how we can better collect data on health equity measures and iv) discuss how public health response to future pandemics may build on or learn from their work. International organisations, funding partners, journalists, and government representatives will be invited to join this session and there will be a Q&A with funding partners and IOs. More details about the problem solution workshop will be released after the conclusion of the problem identification workshop.



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Conference Kick-Off

COVID-19 PHSMs Data Coverage Conference

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